About us

The tanning and finishing of cowhide is our speciality. We started operating in 1994, working with the best quality hides and gaining the experience that underpins our work today. We are a leader for the great national and international fashion brands.

Our business philosophy is to share synergies with our clients, as we see our work as a joint development.

We are constantly evolving, and the continued improvement in our work is key and indispensable.

Our values

Pikolinos Group is a corporation of companies related to footwear and accessories that has been in operation for 30 years.

Design, quality, comfort and originality define our shoes and handbags, which are made with supple and durable leather and provide a broad color palette each season.

Pikolinos Group’s companies share the same values according with the essence and philosophy of our corporation.


What you see is what we are: spontaneous and transparent. We act with integrity and respect, being fair in our decisions and actions. While we recognise our virtues and achievements, we are also open to improvements. We believe in ourselves.


We seek continued improvement towards our goals; questioning what we do in a proactive, determined manner with the required work capacity. We assume our responsibilities, helping us achieve extraordinary results.


We strive to develop our ability to create and innovate, and never sit on our laurels. We imbue all our activities with ingenuity, constantly engaging in new ideas and seeking alternatives to every situation.


We develop our know-how through continuous training and teamwork, geared towards a common goal, in line with the principles of collaboration, cooperation and coordination. We put a premium on us ahead of me.


We are an altruistic company in terms of both our employees and society as a whole. We give back to society through our Foundation.

Where are we

We have strategically chosen our location as the Tres Hermanas Industrial Estate in Aspe (Alicante), as it has optimal conditions for the ideal conservation of the hides.

Our production takes place in modern facilities specially designed to guarantee maximum efficiency in caring for the hide. We have 9,200 m2 dedicated to optimising every stage of production.