Our processes

All our processes are included within a system for continued improvement. That is how we guarantee their quality, as well as their proper planning and execution with optimal productivity.

Each product has a unique process route which goes through the stages of development, reproducibility, validation and industrialisation. This way we can guarantee that the route is correct, allowing us to obtain the desired product.

During the validation process we rigorously carry out the following tasks:

  • The adjustment of the quality parameters measured during each process.
  • Staff training on each process.
  • Defining the end features of the leather.

Seasonal developments

Every season we create a colour catalogue based on trends. We reinterpret the trends according to our criteria and the demand of our clients.

We develop the colour chart, improve existing products and create new items. We cover a map of seasonal needs in order to have items available that meet the demand in the market.

We specialise in natural nappa leathers: battened, smooth, nubuck and with a wax effect. We have many items within each category, successfully covering the needs of our clients.