Our leather

Our leathers are mainly from cowhide. The hides are tanned at the beginning of the process at Pies Cuadrados, the leather finishing plant for the Pikolinos Group. That is how we obtain the softness and elasticity that are so typical of our leather.

For this, the hides are placed in large drums that apply heat to the product while in movement, breaking the fibres and making the leather more heat resistant. The leathers then go through processes and techniques designed to obtain different finishes in terms of the specific colour, plates or embossing.

The cattle we work with are small and young, with a very fine pore and features that make them ideal for certain items. We use between 18 and 26 feet2 per animal and a mixed chrome-vegetable tanning, giving the leather life and naturalness, which increases with use and the manufacturing.

A special feature of our leather is that it can be reactivated, it is alive and gains strength and charisma with the use of the product.