We take care of every little detail and do what we can to be flexible while offering a service that undergoes several quality controls.

There are three concepts that guarantee the excellence of our product:

Use of the hide

We carefully choose the best cowhides. The clean and usable surface is visually inspected. While this is a visual method, there is an audit standard that sets the ideal conditions for the hides.

Physical-Chemical Tests

The best experts in the sector study the physical-chemical properties of the hides in our facilities, where we also carry out the production process. There is a clinical analysis table with all the legal components required to comply with European legislation.

Cosmetic Appearance

Our work does not finish when the product leaves the factory, as we ensure it reaches its destination in perfect condition. The leather must be visually attractive and balanced in terms of softness and touch.

For the finishing processes we use products from the best European brands, complying with the relevant environmental EU legislation.


Pies Cuadrados follows the most demanding standards to ensure compliance with the legislation of all countries. In the laboratory we carry out breakage, elongation, sweating and softness tests, among others. These are chemical tests performed with an objective value method to ensure that maximum quality is obtained.

It is important to carry out tests to see how the product will react to the different footwear elaboration processes such as assembly, shaping and finishing. These are demanding processes to which the leather will be subjected.


We can offer a flexible response thanks to the efficient planning of our entire production process and our permanent stock of over 7,500,000 feet2 available immediately.

We have a very large raw material stock so that we can provide an efficient manufacture -to-order service.

The benefits are visibly noticeable in the capability to customise the colour of the leather, as well as its good quality and touch.


We stand out for offering a streamlined, flexible and customised service, always adapting to the needs of our clients. The finishing plant is one of our competitive advantages.

We specialise in creating all types of colours, as well as developing customised items at the request of our clients. Manufacture-to-order production allows us to create any colour and adjust the details according to the needs of the client, without undermining our service commitment.

There is a trend towards specialisation, specially for large orders, as we develop the items from the very beginning, involving the client in this process.

The commitment to our clients and our spirit of continued improvement is reflected in our willingness to meet the needs of our clients, innovating processes and developing new ideas for the production of unique and special leather items.